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Swiss Round 1: (10/13; 3:00 PM ET) pl_upward Swiss Round 2: (10/13; 4:00 PM ET) koth_ashville_rc Swiss Round 3: (10/13; 5:00 PM ET) pl_barnblitz_pro6 Swiss Round 4: (10/13; 6:00 PM ET) koth_product_rc8 ​ Playoffs Round 1: (10/14; 4:00 PM ET) Best of 3 Pick/Ban from Map Pool Playoffs Round 2: (10/14; 5:30 PM ET) Best of 3 Pick/Ban from Map Pool Playoffs Round 3: (10/14; 7:00 PM ET) Best of 3 Pick/Ban from Map Pool ​ Prizes: Thanks to STN-Trading we have prizes for all divisions in both NA and EU For each region prize distribution will go as follows: ​. To sign-up or find out more about the event please visit our page *We can only host European servers for the event but players from other regions are allowed to participate. Twitter - /FMPCOfficial Twitch - .tv/freshmeatprolandercup YouTube - /channel/UC-M6GGlHhvULpR_rp_rABzQ Website - / Steam Group - /groups/freshmeatprolander Discord - /wqC9gHR United Dodgeball League are hosting their first 2v2 pyro dodgeball tournament! We're running a two-day cup across the 22nd & 23rd of September All you need to do is grab a friend to be able to compete! Group stages will take place on the 22nd and start at 17:00 CEST Each team will play 3 matches throughout group stages in hope of making Top 8 playoffs! (played on the 23rd) Prizepool: We're putting 20 keys up for grabs to be split among team members 1st Place - 10 keys 2nd Place - 6 keys 3rd Place - 4 keys Want to take part but don't know who to play with? Join our discord to find. Nethis subreddit is dedicated to Team Fortress 2 created by Valve Corporation. Welcome to the Season 2 of the Fresh Meat Prolander Cup! Registrations are now open for our next event! Thanks to our friends over at we've moved over to this site and will no longer be doing registrations through Discord To sign up with your team log in through Steam in the top right Once done click "REGISTER NOW!" to sign up a team or join one Make sure your region is correct by opening the drop-down in the top right of the page ​ Major changes coming this season include: No players with prior competitive experience will be allowed in the Fresh Meat division Added an Elite division to separate skill differences in Amateur Expanded the event to EU Added prize pools for higher divisions Maps: 1St Place: 21 keys Amateur 1st Place: 14 keys Elite 1st Place: 14 keys ​ The main event will be hosted on October 13th and 14th for NA and October 20th and 21st for EU New team registration will be open until October 6th for NA and until October 13 for EU For more information join our Discord ​.